Grand Canyon at Sunrise

The South Rim Remains open during Government Shutdown.

Seeing the sunrise or viewing the enormous expanse of the Grand Canyon at sunset are Bucket List experiences and there is no better place than the South Rim to experience this majesty. The Grand Canyon is over 200 miles long and it is 11 miles wide at the South Rim.

The mighty Colorado River flows through the Inner Gorge over a mile below the South Rim viewpoints…no other place on earth rivals these views.

There are so many things you can do at the South Rim. From camping to beautiful hotels the South Rim has it all. Take an airtour, bike, hike, walk the rim on the Greenway Trail, hike below the rim, take in a Park Service Ranger Program, take a jeep tour, bus tour or take a mule or horseback ride. You can even skydive with a view of the canyon…only at the South Rim!