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About Grand Canyon Railway

Ride the rails to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon!

From its yesteryears of transporting ore through the Wild West to our present-day journeys in the heart of the canyon, the Grand Canyon Railway has enchanted millions of people from around the world since 1901—and now it’s time for you to experience the wonderful romance of a voyage by train. Take an unforgettable ride on one of our lovingly restored cars and hear folklore and tales from a crew who are still bewitched by their spectacular surroundings. Be entertained by authentic characters and musicians who bring the Old West to life. And lose yourself in the majesty, the magnificence that is Grand Canyon National Park.

History of the Train

Since 1901 the Grand Canyon Railway has enchanted millions of people from all over the world. From its yesteryears of transporting ore to our present-day journeys to the canyon with the help of authentic characters who bring the Old West to life, the story of our railway is almost as dramatic as the spectacular surroundings.

The train—whose fate seemed sealed when it was shut down back in 1968 due to the popularity of automobiles—is now responsible for keeping approximately 50,000 cars outside of a national treasure. By traveling aboard Grand Canyon Railway you are not only part of history in the making, you are also doing your part to help preserve the pristine, incredible beauty of Grand Canyon National Park. Read More About History of the Train

Reservations Made Easy!

Simply Search and Select Your Journey of a Lifetime. At Grand Canyon Railway, we’re more than just an iconic train. Through us you can book your hotel stays at the canyon and in Williams, as well as arrange tours and customize itineraries from start to finish. We offer a myriad of options that make it easy to plan your complete vacation to the Grand Canyon.

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