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Experience the Winter Majesty

by Bekah Wright Change Your Life Travels

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Hear that? Silence. Shhh... Listen closer and you’ll decipher...Nature’s heartbeat, inviting you to put a finger on its pulse. Drive through the Town of Tusayan, Arizona and you’ll arrive at a very special place. One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World -- the Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim.

Magic lives here.

Waiting at every turn...Sheer winter majesty. At 277 miles long, 18 miles wide and one mile deep, there’s a lot to take in. So why stand still? Ride the historic Grand Canyon Railway to see landscape that’s been evolving over 1.7 billion years: wide-open prairies, Piñon juniper woodlands and red rock formations.

Saddle up like Grand Canyon’s first pioneers...Venturing into Grand Canyon National Park alongside a wrangler, who stories about flora, fauna and geological treasures. Where the trail leads is up to you. A three-hour rim tour brings awe-inspiring views, the aroma of chaparral and footprints of elk and mountain lions scattered across the frost. Unforgettable rides lead to the famed Phantom Ranch for overnight stays.

Getting there requires dedication: navigating the rock face of the Inner Gorge, crossing the Colorado River via a suspension bridge and descending 10 miles below the rim. Along the way, switchbacks urge riders to keep moving forward towards adventures waiting to delight.

Like the golden hour that serves as this natural cathedral’s sunset. Temptation to linger over canyon views will be strong. There are still 1,200,000 acres to explore. Buckle in and cover ground through a Jeep tour that showcases the nature, history and culture of the Grand Canyon.

Strike off the beaten path on two wheels versus four, with a course set for Yaki Point or Hermit’s Rest. How inspiring is the terrain? Just ask the newly-anointed junior rangers in the throng. What they’ll say? Let the Grand Canyon elevate you to pursue even greater heights via planes or helicopters or skydiving.

Soon you’ll begin to question -- is that the beat of your heart? Or the canyon’s?

Feet back on the ground, unleash your inner explorer.

Step back in time at Kolb Studio, a museum dedicated to the Kolb brothers, the South Rim’s first official photographers. What is normally the Kolb Museum is currently an art exhibition. Winter months bring plein air art exhibitions...And special access to the Kolb brothers’ living quarters.

For a snow-dusted glimpse into the canyon’s past...And breathtaking views that embolden the soul...To rise above the clouds.
Then just as quickly changing course, descend South Kaibab Trail towards new perspectives. Where Ooh-Aah Point’s wide-open vistas deliver the question: continue down to the base of the canyon?

Or skyward to the Watchtower, one of the many Mary Jane Colter designed buildings within the park, which emanates the spirit of the Navajo, Hopi, Havasupai and Paiute, who call the Grand Canyon home? 

The sky will change from day to sunset, to the stars and Milky Way making space for the sunrise.

Say yes. Yes to the sun as it creates a chromatic metamorphosis of the geologic formations. Yes to adventures and pushing boundaries. And yes to embracing that winter stillness, where it’s possible to hear the heartbeats of human and nature fall into sync.

Let your Grand Canyon Adventure begin!