1. What is the best way to make reservations at the Grand Canyon?
Simple. Just call the Grand Canyon Chamber & Visitor’s Bureau at 928-638-2901 for helicopter, airplane or jeep tour reservations. We can make your trip planning a whole lot easier!

2. Is the Skywalk in Grand Canyon National Park?
No. The Skywalk is located at Grand Canyon West, about a 4 hour drive from Grand Canyon National Park.

3. Where is lodging available?
Lodging is available inside the park, as well as in Tusayan, which is seven miles outside the park. Lodging is also available in Williams – 50 miles from Grand Canyon National Park. To view lodging and make reservations, click here.

4. Is camping available in the park or in the canyon?
Camping is available at Mather Campground, Desert View and in Trailer Village with RV hook-ups. Reservations can be made by calling (303) 297-2757. Additional camping is available outside the park at Camper Village – RV campground, Ten X or camping “at- large” in the national forest outside the park. CLICK HERE for Tusayan Ranger District camping information.

Write to:
Tusayan Ranger District, Kaibab National Forest
PO Box 3088
Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

5. Is food available in the park?
There are restaurants and grocery stores available in the park as well as just outside the park in the community of Tusayan. From formal dining to sandwich shops and ice cream, it’s all available.

6. Are there any restrooms available for use in the park?
There are restrooms available throughout the park.

7. Is there a shuttle bus available for transportation in the park?
Grand Canyon National Park provides a free Shuttle Bus System in the park. The Village Route operates year round. Shuttle service from Tusayan IS available from March through September.

8. What kind of ranger programs are available in the park?
For ranger program information, please pick up the free Visitor’s Guide or stop by the Grand Canyon Visitor’s Center for more information. A complete guide regarding Ranger programs, lodging, camping and more is provided free at entrance stations.

9. What time does the park close?
The entrance station and facilities in the park does have operational hours but the entrance to the park does not close.

10. What is the best view of the canyon?
There is really no one view point that is the best for viewing of the canyon. Both the West Rim Drive and the East Rim Drive offer excellent views of the canyon and river.

11. Is the park wheel chair accessible?
All lodging and restaurants are ADA accessible and many views of the Grand Canyon along the rim trail are easily accessible as well. Wheelchairs are available at Canyon View Information Plaza.

Please write for a copy:
Accessibility Guide
PO Box 129
Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

12. What is the weather like in the summer and does it snow there?
The South Rim of the canyon is 7,000 feet above sea level so it does snow here in the winter. Temperatures below the rim are 20 degrees higher than what you find on the rim.
13. How far is the North Rim?
By Car, 212 miles.

14. How far is Las Vegas?
278 miles

15. How far is Flagstaff?
81 miles

16. How far is Phoenix?
231 miles

17. What is the best way to see the canyon?
It is up to the individual on how to see the canyon. There are tour buses, helicopter tours, airplane and jeep tours, as well as the mule rides. If you wish to hike into the canyon, there are many trails available for both the novice and experienced hikers or you can take an easy stroll along the rim trail. Depending on how much time you have it is totally up to you but rest assured, anyway you choose to view the Grand Canyon, it will make a lasting impression. Stunning, amazing, breathtaking…these words don’t even come close.

Where are the Indian Reservations?
The Hopi Indian Reservation is about 80 miles from the park while the Navajo Reservation is only about 10 miles from the eastern park boundary. You will also find the Havasupai and Hualapai Reservations in the area. The history of Native Americans at the Grand Canyon goes back thousands of years. For more on their history, please click here.