Mohawk staticPlanes of Fame Museum

For a fascinating look at some of history’s most unique planes, visitors won’t want to miss the Air Museum Planes of Fame in Valle. The museum is only a 30-minute drive from Williams, AZ.

Located at the Valle Grand Canyon Airport near the junction of highways 180 and 64, Planes of Fame is open daily from 9AM-5PM. The Valle Visitor Center is located at the front of the museum.

The museum has a late version of the most produced fighter plane in history, amongst other WWII fighter planes. You can also view the Martin 404 and Western Airlines Convair 240.

A featured display at the museum is dedicated to woman aviators from around the world. The display traces the plight of woman in history of flight, from the early pioneers to modern-day space shuttle pilots.

Call (928) 635-1000 for information of visit

geologymuseumYavapai Geology Museum

To learn about Grand Canyon rocks, visit the museum at Yavapai Observation Station. The interactive exhibits chronicle the geological history and composition of the Canyon as well as providing a spectacular view. Admission is Free!

Exhibits are devoted to geology, with the main exhibit out beyond the windows, in the panoramic view of the Canyon. A series of back lit panels use a combination of text, floor-to-ceiling visuals, and interactive lessons to explain the geologic forces that shaped the Canyon, and the human history that shaped what we know about it.

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