Grand Canyon IMAX® Theater

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Grand Canyon IMAX® Theater

About Grand Canyon IMAX® Theater

Newly renovated GIANT SCREEN theater with new IMAX laser digital projection system and precision sound system. Now showing Grand Canyon Rivers of Time which takes the viewer on a journey through time at one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. From Native American mythology and geologic explanations, we explore the origins of this great canyon. The human history of the Canyon comes alive through dramatic recreations, starting with the first inhabitants, the Ancient Puebloans whose civilization mysteriously disappeared. Travel through time to experience the “discovery” of the Canyon by Spanish conquistadors, frontiersmen, and John Wesley Powell as he and his men plunge down the never-before conquered whitewater rapids of the Colorado River. Nostalgic photos of visitors from as early as the 1890’s, the animals of the region, and soaring flights above the Canyon round out this deep dive beyond the rim of this world wonder. For showtimes and more information CLICK HERE.

Located within the Grand Canyon Visitor Center in Tusayan, 1 mile south of the Grand Canyon National Park South Rim entrance on Highway 64.

Attraction: Theater
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