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When you visit the Grand Canyon South Rim, you want to make sure you are prepared. Use these tips to ensure you are ready for your hiking experience!

Hiker Transportation

For those of you planning a Grand Adventure…a rafting trip and then hiking out…biking through…or hiking rim to rim transportation may be a concern.  Why do you ask?  Your raft trip leaves from the Page area and you are now hiking out at Phantom Ranch but your vehicle is back in Page…You are on an epic bike ride and want to hike through the Grand Canyon but bikes are not allowed below the rim…You leave from the South Rim and hike to the North Rim but your vehicle is now on the opposite Rim.

Here are a few local companies that can address that for you.

Sunrise/Sunset Viewpoints

There is no one best place for watching the sunrise or sunset, just good places and better places. Look for a viewpoint that jets into the canyon, with views both east and west.

• While Hopi Point is unquestionably a desirable viewpoint for sunset, it attracts crowds of people and buses.

Yaki and Yavapai Points are accessible by shuttle, offer spectacular views of the canyon and are less congested.

Lipan, Navajo, and Desert Viewpoints offer incredible views of the canyon, with extensive stretches of the river below.

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